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Technology Foundation for Digital Businesses


The Tribrata, Darmawangsa, Jakarta

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Executive Conference - 11 March 2020

Solution Workshop - 17 - 19 March 2020

Technology Foundation for Digital Business

Covering anything from data management tools, cloud services, IoT, big data to A.I and machine learning, platform has becoming one of the most important technologies in business. Platforms are the ideal architecture for creating user-generated systems. Platforms represent a big change in the way technology building blocks have traditionally been organized. As a platform’s audience grows, the diversity of experiences required grows as a consequence, and it requires more allowance for “personalization”, beyond the experience as originally designed by the brand.

Many other technology platforms available to increase the speed of corporate transformation toward Digital Business. CIOs need to know how to leverage which platform technology and ecosystem models suitable for their organization. CTI IT Infrastructure Summit 2020 comes with Platform Revolution: Technology Foundation for Digital Business as the topic to facilitate IT leaders a deeper knowledge and insights about this technology.

“Platforms have become an essential part of the business landscape and no longer the domain solely of digital natives.”

Why You Should Attend CTI IT Infrastructure Summit 2020

Strengthen Business Relationship with Hundreds Technology Leaders

Comprehensive Insight Through Live Discussion

Inspire a Vision of the Future of Platform Technology

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CTI IT Infrastructure Summit Executive Conference is an exclusive event for C-Level and top-level management from various industries to gain insight on how to utilize platform technology. Through several insightful sessions, audience will learn how to successfully transform to digital business directly from leading experts as well as from customer who successfully transform their business.

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In CTI IT Summit Solution Workshop, list of internationally known speakers will give you a set of guidance on how to utilize platform as part of your business strategy. These three days solution workshop are focusing on practical training and hands on skill development that will help you understand better of how platform computing works along with the challenge of adopting it to your business.

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